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Caribbean Princess

OVERVIEW: The ship is a grand resort. Princess Cruises delivers a consistent, well-packaged vacation at an attractive price. If you’re not used to large ships, it’ll take you some time to find your way around this one, despite the company’s claim that it offers a ‘small ship feel, big ship choice.’

Carnival Splendor

OVERVIEW: Carnival Splendorshares the same generally balanced profile as sistersCarnival Conquest,Carnival Sunshine,Carnival Freedom,Carnival Glory,Carnival Liberty,Carnival Triumph,Carnival Valor, andCarnival Victory,although it was originally designated as a ship for the Costa Cruises brand. It ca

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Great week on the Thomson Celebration
Thomson  / Thomson Celebration /

By Hindes, Chelmsford on 17th Apr 2014
Great cruise. Flew from Gatwick. No real problems, although arrived at ship about 45 minutes late. Then getting our room and card organised took about 15 minutes, which, after a long day travelling, seemed an annoying wait. The room itself was good- level 6...  Read More >>
261 Views 3 of 5 found this useful
Party of six from Staffordshire England Panama cru
Princess  / Island Princess /

By Tongue, Tamworth on 17th Apr 2014
Just returned from the Panama canal cruise- LA to Fort Lauderdale 16th March-1st April.The ship had very good facilities like the Lotus Spa , a little bit of peace and quiet on those days at sea, good films by the pool etc...  Read More >>
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Here we go again I love CELEBRITY but how can Silhouette 12 DAY cruise cost from £760 Caribbean its a bloody joke dont give me any comments about competition rip the Brits springs to mind.Got to get it off my chest.Every year this happens.
Submitted by - BOBBY S, PLYMOUTH - United Kingdom on 15th Sep 2011 / Subject - Celebrity Cruises caribbean Cruise Fares
14 answers, 2179 views
Comment by C, L.... (16 Sep 11 16:08) about a QUESTION by BOBBY S (15 Sep 11 17:08)
Agree with you Bobby. Narks me too! What also makes me mad is that I can't book early from NI or Dublin because flights have not been released until 10 months before sail date. That means I can't get such a good deal on an early booking in case I cannot get the flights to correspond! All other airports, e.g. Glasgow, Edinburgh and English ones are listed on the site but not from here. Mad!
16 Sep 11 16:08 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Lyons, Aughrim (02 Oct 11 16:24) about a COMMENT by C (16 Sep 11 16:08)
Many times we have booked fly/cruise with UK agent to fly from Heathrow to Caribbean. This usually meant having to fly from Dublin day before and over-nighting in Heathrow unless it was a later departure from Heathrow when we would book the first flight out of Dublin. However, this could be a bit nerveracking in inclement weather (ie fog) where the flight could be delayed. We do not have to do this anymore as most of the Irish agents are offering very competitive fly/cruises from Dublin. On a recent flight from Dublin to Rome for Silohouette cruise, the majority of cruise passengers were from NI, apparently better connection from Dublin. Book the cruise early and then flights when they become available as per Wilba and Bradbury. Re US and UK prices on board, P & O are way below US for drinks on board and for bottles of liquor bought from cabin service for delivery and consumption in your cabin. No restrictions here.
02 Oct 11 16:24 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Wilba, . (16 Sep 11 18:29) about a COMMENT by C (16 Sep 11 16:08)
Why not book your own flights from an airport of YOUR choice which can be done months after the cruise booking. Aer Lingus offer a great service to the US where you can change planes for you final destination if necessary.........Wilba
16 Sep 11 18:29 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Bradbury, Coventry (16 Sep 11 17:37) about a COMMENT by C (16 Sep 11 16:08)
There is nothing stopping you from booking and adding the flights later, either DIY Flights or adding the flights on with Celebrity at a later date. We have often taken a gamble and booked a cruise as soon as it hits the screen even before brochure launch and not booked the flights until months after when the flights come out.
16 Sep 11 17:37 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Leake, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (16 Sep 11 13:15) about a QUESTION by BOBBY S (15 Sep 11 17:08)
Hi I appear to be in a minority with you, I too thinkthat UK cruisers get a raw deal. Before of most cruise lines were acquired by Carnival, UK cruises were priced higher than those based in the USA but the onboard expenses were lower (drinks, tips were significantly lower) making the "total" cost of the cruise package similar. However, Carnival and RCI have kept the high cruise fares but have raised the onboard expenses (eg Cunard) whereas P&O have kept lower onboard prices. I can't see any change in the pricing policy, cruising is rising in popularity in the UK so why should the cruise lines alter their pricing structure.
16 Sep 11 13:15 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by PG of A, . (15 Sep 11 17:39) about a QUESTION by BOBBY S (15 Sep 11 17:08)
There is not a lot of difference when you look at the nitty gritty. Also have you ever bought meat in the USA? The quality is far superior, but it is about half the price we pay here. Lots of other commodities are so much cheaper out there, so really you can't blame Celebrity, everything they have to bring on board when it is in Europe is so much more expensive, even the transport costs are double.
15 Sep 11 17:39 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Martin, Ayr (17 Sep 11 14:37) about a COMMENT by PG of A (15 Sep 11 17:39)
I know from ships' officiers that most produce is shipped from the states and not bought in europe.
17 Sep 11 14:37 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by PG of A, . (18 Sep 11 01:04) about a COMMENT by Martin (17 Sep 11 14:37)
all their beef certainly is, just think how much that costs in transportation.
18 Sep 11 01:04 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by BOBBY S, PLYMOUTH (15 Sep 11 17:31) about a QUESTION by BOBBY S (15 Sep 11 17:08)
Yes Wilba but did you see her at this price in the med NO NO NO NO .
15 Sep 11 17:31 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by mcneish, edinburgh (16 Sep 11 07:23) about a COMMENT by BOBBY S (15 Sep 11 17:31)
going on tues 27th sept sillouette from rome to holy land ,greece, cyprus etc. 13 nights balcony 2a cabin. paid £699
16 Sep 11 07:23 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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