stevens - Answered a Question by Watkins (26 Jan 09 18:15)

Cannot comment our ship. But regarding the subeds! Keep an eye on how long it has been abandoned after 45 mins say? Remove belongings, take them to the nearest bar and say, think someone has forgotten these! When irate sun bed hoggers return, say, its nothing to do with us check with the pool? bar staff etc. Leave them to it. After all its the ship and crew who should be taken to task about such behaviour not us!

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Hayes - Answered a Question by Watkins (26 Jan 09 14:39)

Problem solved, If the sun lounger is not being used over a period of time, remove the towels as I did on the Splendour OS.

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Bowker - Answered a Question by Watkins (26 Jan 09 15:02)

I think we got the question (7 times) sometimes it takes time for the question to come through, I agree with the answer below more often that not when a towel is left on a lounger the person who has used the lounger has moved on and is just to lazy to return the towel to the linen basket. Remove and use....Sorry cannot help you with the OV question never been there.

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Neal - Answered a Question by Watkins (26 Jan 09 17:44)

Sadly its not just the Germans who do this, nor as per Hayes comment, is it just Ocean Village which has the problem. OV allow passengers to reserve a sunbed unattended for up to 30 mins, long enough to grab a snack or whatever & most people reckon that's fair enough. But not so sure about taking it upon yourself to remove towels or especially personal items such as books or sunblock which are more usually left to guard a sunbed. Those ignorant enough to abandon a sunbed for an hour or two are possibly also ignorant enough to come up with excuses for their delayed return & argue the point when they find you on "their" bed and their bits & pieces abandoned.......unless it was the crew who removed them. I've seen the crew labelling unattended sunbeds, though never seen them actually remove anything. But rather than risk any unpleasantness, you could ask the crew - but dont hold your breath, they're generally not dumb enough to get dragged into it ! A very negative subject I'm afraid, but the problem only exists on the two "days at sea", and reflects on only a tiny proportion of your fellow-passengers. I'm sure you'll have a great cruise. Can't help with the Deck11 suite, never had accomodation at such dizzy heights. Chris.

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knapman - Answered a Question by Watkins (27 Jan 09 07:30)

We too have booked a suite deck 11 cabin 11131 we have been with OV before and never found it difficult to find loungers there are so many decks for sunbathing no problems. being you have not mentioned which cabin you are in I cannot see where abouts the deck will be above you. Do not worry about anything you will enjoy your holiday. Bet you will be early risers on this holiday, as you will not want to miss anything. i.e. arriving at new ports etc. Take a dressing gown so that you can go on to your balcony eat breakfast with room service and go back to bed if you want. look forward to your review when you get back. We go April 30th when do you go? maybe we will meet. Sally.

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Cooke - Answered a Question by Watkins (27 Jan 09 08:52)

If crew are moving sun loungers about at 4 am, ask them not to! That's ridiculous. The poolside sunloungers are busiest, but other locations shouldn't be a problem. It's only sea days when the ship is a bit crowded, other wise you are ashore, or if you choose to stay on board it is very quiet. You'll have a lovely time and probably become addicted to cruising like the rest of us.

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seddon - Answered a Question by Watkins (27 Jan 09 20:27)

Went on ocean village last year for 3 weeks it was a struggle to get a sun lounger they put towels and books on them from 5-30 am some close to the sun deck even take the lounger to their cabin over night then bring it out in the morning very sad spoilt the holiday.

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Reeve - Answered a Question by Watkins (28 Jan 09 07:20)

I have only been on one cruise, the QE2's mediterranean oddysey farewell and the answer is yes they do. In fact they do wherever in the world that there is a sunbed in my experience.

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brunton - Answered a Question by Watkins (28 Jan 09 22:36)

Having not long returned from this cruise. I can say people do put towels out. One in particual at 6am. This should not be done and the staff should move them, but do not. The only time you will find it hard to get a lounger is the days at sea. We found it was too hot to sit in the sun all day anyway. So we sat out after 3pm, when there were plenty of loungers. One thing we did learn is that at one end of deck 9 there are loungers and do not get so busy. We also had a suite mid ships on deck 11. The loungers did not get moved at 4am. Yes sometimes you did hear them, but did not bother us. No need to pack a dressing gown as you get one in the room. Enjoy the going into harbour every morning. The staff and crew are very good, you will enjoy it. If not doing OV trips, be hard with the taxi drivers, they are persistant in getting your trade. Wish we were going back.

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ruddick - Answered a Question by Watkins (30 Jan 09 16:00)

Yes they do.

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