Bradbury - Answered a Question by MOTTRAM (06 Jan 09 17:31)

If you have an AA Grade cabin with Balcony, then you have twin beds which can go toether to make a double plus one double sofa bed.

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Williams - Answered a Question by MOTTRAM (19 Jan 09 22:36)

Hi cannot answer your question but just wanted to say hello as we are also going on that cruise with our 13 year old son and 9 year old daughter. We have booked a cheap cabin with the pull down beds - need our two to be in separate beds and hope they'll be so exhausted they'll jusy fall asleep at bedtime - whenever that maight be! Have you ever cruised before? This is our first except mini ones to Amsterdam and Bruges.

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Williams - replied to Williams (19 Jan 09 22:43)

I'm sorry - you said you've never cruised before!

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mottram - replied to Williams (20 Jan 09 16:54)

Many thanks for your response, cant wait for the cruise, never cruised before, maybe the kids will get together... we get to the ship around 11am as we are flying from manchester early in the morning, we should then go straight to the ship hope to see you then, lots of things to do there and lots of places to visit, appt you can get to do all the things yourselves and not have to go on the tours with ocean village, cheaper by all accounts..

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williams - replied to mottram (27 Jan 09 19:12)

Hi again, Yes - bet the kids will meet up - the kids clubs sound great from what I've read on here and other forums. My daughter wants to go on Girl's night in where they pamper themselves in the beauty salons. Do you have sons or daughters or both? How come you know your flight times already? We don't have any idea about flights except we fly from EMs. I think we will probably pay a fortune and get their Rome on your own tickets - I dread the idea of using public transport and missing the boat - I've read some scare stories. Also hoping we might get some sort of on board credit people are talking about for fuel charges. We booked when fuel was high - last August so hopefully.......! Are you going for 1 week or 2 - we are going for 2. It's ages away but I long for holidays and love to plan! Bet we'll both be on here asking questions over the next few months. Tracy x.

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mottram - replied to williams (28 Jan 09 08:51)

Hi Tracy, thanks for the info, I booked through the coop online in sep, flights were seperate as ship first then a week in Majorca in a 4* Hotel. I dont know anything abt the fuel charges, would be great if we had some credit though, heres wishing..... I have 2 boys, appt the transport in Europe is great, but it is also cheap by taxi too. My boys are so excited and want to go on the teenage dinner buffet in the evenings were no parents allowed!!!!, also the cinema room sounds good. Yes i cant wait either, im a born planner so god help the family. nice speaking to you and will keep in touch. Let me know abt your flight times, hope you get them sorted soon. what is a Rome on your own tickets? also how did you here abt the pampering night in for your daughter? not up to scratch am I? x jayne.

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williams - replied to mottram (28 Jan 09 19:09)

Hi again Jayne, Have you used cruise critic - lots of info on there!! I think that's how I found out about the pampering night. Also if you go on the OV website on action ashore and give detailos in the little boxes you can find out about all the trips and prices too. Got to pay adult for my son at 13 but I think you will be ok with child prices for a 12 year old .....just. Rome on your own is an OV coach to Rome and then you are on your own - no guide to follow around. If you need more help let me know. Maybe we could share minibus type taxis - lots of people arrange to do that on cruise critic - anything to save money will be good. I thought about a week in Majorca too - in case I get seasick or something but we eneded up doing the two week cruise- lots of great destinations. Just told my husband I've found someone going on our cruise and he wants to know whether you are united or city fans? I don't actually care! Speak soon tracyx.

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mottram - replied to williams (30 Jan 09 07:15)

Hiya my husband supports LIVERPOOL.... he says he does not associate with anyone from the other reds scum!!! (ha ha) does not mind anyother team, my lads are liverpool and them red scum... good battles. where are you comig from and who does your hubby support jx.

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williams - replied to mottram (01 Feb 09 18:01)

Hello, My two are both far more into rugby - watching and playing, they both support Wales and my husband supports the Ospreys and son supports the Tigers now he is trialling for their development squad. As far as football is concerned .................... I'm afraid your husband will not want to know them! Did you book a guarenteed cabin? There aren't many aa cabins anyway are there - have you looked at the deck plans to see where you are? I booked guarenteed and no free upgrade because I've hopefully chosen a quiet cabin where there is little movement - I guess that there shouldn't be too much in the med in the summer but I was sick on our mini cruise to Amsterdam so I keep worrying I might be again. Only 5 months now it's Feb! x.

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brettwood - replied to mottram (08 Feb 09 10:30)

Hi re fuel charges if you look up cruise photos and ocean village there is a letter there about it and also people are saying on here that when they go to their cabins there has been a letter giving them £128.00 on board credit so good luck im off 2 caribbean in march with them but we never paid any fuel surcharge so doesn`t apply 2 us heather.

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