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2017 ..with its ups & downs, I...

By Lois Harvey

Dec 14 2017 04:30:36:000PM

Lois Harvey's blog

Cannot believe we are on the final run up to Christmas and then soon after all the eating and drinking we let in the new year !! It has been a challenging year in travel with the various weather conditions that sadly affected many people and some really beautiful places.Monarch were the latest airline to go which I felt particularly sad about as I had 7 happy years working for Monarch many years ago and really did believe they may have come through their difficulties.I left my role at Thomas ...

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Conference 2017 style!

By Molly McIntyre

Dec 13 2017 08:50:36:000PM

Molly McIntyre's blog

For most people going away for three nights to a fun filled conference is a joy to behold but when you have four children, one dog, two guinea pigs, one rabbit and a husband (and no I did not deliberately leave him till last) then it becomes a military operation.Packing for everyone!Not only do I end up packing for myself but as my husband works shifts I have to pack off the two youngest to their Nanna’s then their is the fact that my daughter and husband are both epileptic so I need so...

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Butlins, snow and an epic jour...

By Dawn Gardener

Dec 13 2017 07:18:41:000PM

Dawn Gardener's blog

I have just returned from our annual Christmas work conference and I have to say it was eventful from start to finish.As you may know, (if you read my blogs) we had a change of plans this year and instead of having 3 nights on a cruise, our annual conference was to be held at Butlins, Skegness during a 60’s weekend. The logistics of getting to Skegness from Malaga wasn’t that simple and certainly not made easy when Monarch collapsed, the airline we were booked to travel with.As fl...

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